It is with our sincerest apologies that we inform you all of Windsor Academy’s closing. As a team, we have come to the decision that while it was great while it lasted, the roleplay did not come back at the right time. We are simply in different places in our lives than we initially thought we’d be when we first started to plan the opening and are not in adequate positions at the moment to admin this roleplay the way it deserves to be managed. Thus, it cannot be active without the four of us actively trying. And while we are extremely appreciative of offers to help, we simply feel as though this project of ours should begin and end with us. We are incredibly grateful for those of you who made this version of Windsor what it was and exceeded our expectations of the vision we had in our head. You all are such phenomenal writers and we hope you take the opportunity to continue living out your characters’ lives as you wish on the dashboard despite this closing. As of right now, the future of Windsor Academy is uncertain but we know for a fact that all the memories created in the past two years are things that can never disappear. And whether you’ve been here for it all or just simply Windsor in the 1920’s, know that we appreciate and love each and every member that has passed through our gates. Thank you all and we can only hope to cross paths again sometime in the future.
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